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Opening of the 2nd Phase of Applications Portugal 2020
The applications are open to the Operational Programme of Competitiveness and Internationalization projects. The typologies are: Internationalisation of PMEs, Productive Innovation, Qualification PME and I&DT.

These support measures are aimed to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the enterprises, and to improve the specialization profile of the business sector in Portugal.

Each of these typologies has a different context and objectives. Therefore, it is important for the companies to have a perspective of well-defined investments to better fit their interests.

Productive Innovation
Aims to promote the innovation in the business world, resulting in the production of new, or significantly improved, tradable goods and services and internationalised differentiators and the quality and with a high level of local incorporation, creating international opportunities or strengthening the quality of the business of the regions.

PME Internationalization
The incentive system has as objective strengthen the business capacity of the PME by developing their qualification processes for internationalization, valuing the intangible factors of competitiveness, allowing potentiate the rise of its base and export capacity.

PME Qualification
The incentive system has as objective strengthen the business capacity of PME through the organizational innovation, applying new organizational methods and processes, increasing flexibility and responsiveness in the global marketplace through the use of intangible investment in the competitiveness area.

The research and development aims to increase the business investment in l&l, in line with the priority areas of research and innovation strategy for smart specialization, strengthening the link between companies and other entities of the l& I system, as well as promoting the increase of thge intensive economic activities in knowledge and the creation of value based on innovation.

If your company wants to invest in some of these areas of action, do not miss this opportunity so we can begin to prepare your business project with support of the European funds from Portugal in 2020.